a little about me…

Hello, I would introduce myself but I’m not going to. ( I’m supposed to be anonymous, not going to lie its kinda hard.) Oh and let me just say I don’t speak French. It’s a beautiful language but its not really my forte, I speak German (as my second language). But I think you would agree with me that “La Vie Est Belle” is a LOT prettier than “Das Leben Ist Wunderschoen.” Plus nobody would be able to say it and it kinda sounds like an insult.

I love to write, but poetry is my favorite because it comes the easiest to me. I love how you can say so little but still make people feel so much. I’m actually going to start writing a book soon, it’s just an idea as of right now though. I sometimes like to write what I don’t feel. It puts me into perspective of other people. It’s fun to write and make up scenarios or feelings that didn’t happen. It lets you see a whole other part of life you haven’t seen yet. I find writing so beautiful. The way people express themselves and put meaning into everything. How a sentence can tell your whole life story. Fun fact about me is that I didn’t learn how to read until like the end of second grade. I love to read now but I have to admit I am the worlds worst speller. The books I normally like to read are romance and fiction. I’m kinda a hopeless romantic. I hope you like my blog!!!