My Journey Through This year!

Throughout the year I have grown as a writer and as a person. I used to be afraid to write because I was scared that not everyone would like what I had to say. I soon found out, I shouldn’t write for other people, I should write for myself. Through writing, I have found the person I want to be and who I am. And I have learned how to fully express what I am feeling better, and how to put what I am thinking into words. Sometimes when writing, I write about things I didn’t even know upset me or things I didn’t know I cared about. It really helped me. I often found myself writing about the ocean. The ocean, in many different scenarios, was me.  I most often write free verse poetry. Because of this year and getting over my fear, I want to continue to write in the future. I can not pick a favorite piece, so here are just a couple I like.


An Ode To The Sea:


When love fails and the earth falls,

The Sea will stand still.

Singing its sorrow song to the ones who cant hear.

It mourns for the


and weeps for the


But who will sing to the sorrow Sea,

To the sailors lost in tragedy and

the monsters found to close to the bays.

The boat mass starts to sway when the world falls into decay.

But the sorrow Sea still sings its sweet song, because it knows, even the broken will try to sing along.

But nobody ever sings to the sorrow Sea its waves drenched with the worlds tragedy.

So when love fails and the earth falls the Sea will stand still.

Watching you stop your pain with a


but it never really stops the pain Does it? So the sorrow sea will sing louder because you are not the one to blame.

An Ode to the beautiful Sea, the one who loves even the broken,

and keeps my tragedy.

This one is about the sea I love to hear other people’s view on what the sea means to them in this story.I chose this one because I love to hear everyones views and thoughts on this piece. and I just love the way it flows. I wrote this one while upset one night  and it kind of came in fragments throughout the day. Then I just ended up putting it together in class for are poem books. It really helped me feel better.

I will always love you:

dear I
won’t stop loving
you. I can’t, when
the wind is high the
water low when the whole world
is upside down, I will still love
you. when the rivers run red and the
heavens walk the earth, I will still love you.
when your voice loses its song and your wings too
fragile to fly, I will sing your song and give you
my wings so you may fly. because that is love my dear.

I wrote this one one night because I got it kind of in a dream. So it was like 1 in the morning and I just wrote it all down. That is a picture of my grandparents who have been together for like 65 years. And they are so happy. That’s like everyone’s dream, and what made their marriage last was the strong love they had for one another so this short story reminded me of them. I chose this one because I love the meaning and story behind it. I think this poem really shows another
side to my writing.

The Jolly Boat:

Breeze that
Carries me leaving the
Doubt behind
Feeling me with
Great joy and
Idolizing the heavens when on the
Jolly boat
Killing time when
Living in the
No sound louder than the song of the
Open Sea
Pounding on the boat
Ringing in
Unimportant  when the saltwater rushes through your
Vains my
Xyloid on
Yahrzeit  the anniversary of the dead. lost at sea, lost in there
Zone of The Unwanted

Another poem about the sea. This one I wrote for my poem book and this was the alphabetical prompt. I chose this one because I love the set up and how fun it is but how difficult it can be to write this type of structure. I love the rhythm to it and there is a lot more where that came from. Hope you liked it!