Anxiety fills the boy’s stomach, the shadow creeps slowly across the room. He can’t see their faces but he knows they’re staring. He can feel their gaze cut threw him. His anxiety is expanding in his chest like a ballon. Rising up. Going to pop. He feels as if it will burst out his chest at any moment. They circle around him. They are sharks in the deep sea and he is the chum. He is small and weak compared to them. “What do you want from me!” he screams. No answer. They move closer. “What do you want from me!!” he screams even louder. They stop moving. Their eyes burning a hole through him. They say nothing, but yet he can understand them. A thousand words unsaid, but he can hear them all. It is quiet, and all you can hear is the boy, the boy’s fear. And it stays quiet for a long time. “Please,” the boy peeps like a small child. “Please…don’t.” He says again and it barely comes out. One tear rolls down his cheek. Still pale from fear. It falls to the ground, you can hear it hit the floor. It is as loud as a tornado siren and it is the only sound you can hear for miles. As soon as it hits the floor he’s back. Back in the crowded hallway full of half alive high schoolers. He stands there, thousands of people passing him but he is alone. He wipes his face and walks away.


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